1. How are your products packed?

    All shipments are made in light brown padded envelopes, so it is a very discreet package, and you don’t see what it contains.

    How long will you have the products in your hand?

    Orders destined for the United Kingdom are sent via 2-3 days economy or by next day delivery if ordered before 12pm. Your delivery is usually made within 1 to 2 business days after placing the order.

    Are shipments made to the United States and Canada?

    promedsuk.com does not accept orders from the United States or Canada due to existing import restrictions. Mostly, orders of this type turn out to be seized by customs, which is why it is not a feasible purchase either for the online pharmacy or for the customer.

    What about import restrictions?

    Each of the clients must know and agree to comply with the import regulations stipulated in their country. Taking into account that you must understand each of these restrictions, promedsuk.com is not responsible for products that may be seized in the destination country.

    Does your delivery have delays?

    If your delivery is late, promedsuk.com is not responsible for any delay from late deliveries by suppliers or manufacturers. Nor is it responsible for improvised delays in the postal system or because of holidays, or for delays or losses due to incorrect or incomplete delivery address information.

    Take all these details into account so that your delivery is satisfactory.

    What to do if you have not received your order?

    For an order to be considered lost, it must be at least 28 days after the order of the products has been placed, this time is expected, as, on some occasions, some delays may arise unexpectedly.

    When you do not receive your order, to solve the problem, you must contact the online pharmacy through customer service, and you will be immediately treated. If you do not follow the procedure as you can see and make a request for reverse payment or any chargeback, this online pharmacy will not accept more orders from the customer who has incurred this inconvenience.

    If you have any questions contact promedsuk.com

    If you have any questions about the delivery of your products or want information about the process of your order, you can communicate immediately by contacting us through this website via live chat or through our contact page.

    When contacting customer service, you will be attended very quickly since the queries are answered daily so that you have quick answers for any questions you may have.

    For more information, you can also read the terms and conditions and frequently asked questions that you will also find on this website, where customer service is essential so you can make a satisfactory purchase and receive your product quickly. On this site, you are guaranteed a safe and reliable purchase.